New album

The Jazzlab Orchestra during the recording of the new album, in order to materialize the pieces: La Grande Sauve Majeur, Le Grain Blanc dans les Voiles, Lunes & Marées, Casse-pattes/casse-gueule/casse-tête, Criucm, Compte-rendu II, Pum la Suite, Humor de la Seconda Noche, Bluesy Del Lunedì - by composer Auguste le Prez.

Jazzlab 21-22



The new musical program, which bassist-composer "Auguste le Prez" has been working is completely in line with the artistic spirit of many evocative ideas of modern jazz.  The effervescence is great, carried unceasingly by amazing musicians who push as well the stake of the collective, as their own songs. The sequences follow one another with a plurality of thematic elements marked by a kind of audacity, which carries the band to the borders.

The thermometer rises with each step that the new JAZZLAB ORCHESTRA experience evolves. Subsequently, the multiple statements, counter-songs and tuttis are explosive fads without return, conclusive, not very bare, making the unexpected flee far behind, in space and time.

Prepare yourselves from this autumn 2021 to the concerts/launchings in presential in virtual of the new album LOGUSLABUSMUZIKUS...


Jazzlab 21-22

JazzLab Orchestra Montreal tour 2019

Jazzlab Orchestra Montreal turned in November 2019 in Canada and Europe (Poland, Belgium, Hongria, Italy, Swizerland, France) to present the music of the album "Quintessence"